Residents of FunkY Avenue

Nadia Hallwood                    Latisha George                         Jeremy Dole                             Shayna Tate

Gloria Hardison                     Ashley Garret                           Felecia Jackson                      Kiara Peppers

Edgar Stone                          Miss Elsie Burnette                  Miss Martha Avery                  Antoinette Burnette

The Porch Birds                    Lorraina Rogers                       Larry Washington                     Isaiah Lenwood

Janet Rogers                         Linda Hardison                        Tenasia Tate                           The Three Avery Grandaughters

Mrs. Vera Pete                       Blue Baby                                Marissa Peppers

Chance Wiley                         They                                          Dara Jackson


Gloria Hardison  is a faithful daughter to her aging mother, Linda. She didn't know a thing about her father, except his real name. But is that enough to soothe a child longing to know where she came from? And if she was loved? Read what Gloria has to say.

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