FunkY is the debut fiction  by author Christian Loriel, set in the beloved, drug exhausted, dreams deferred South Memphis. 

Lundy Avenue no longer has white people. And no one calls it "Lundy" anymore, not since a group of thugs spray painted the street sign.

"Funky" Avenue is filled with everyday people:  a mother-daughter prostitue team, a kind, neighborhood D-Boy, and single, overbearing moms (one who urges her daughter to fight, another who expected her daughter not to get pregnant.)

In their own poetic voices, each resident shares their secrets, their joys, their miseries and hopes. It begins with a missing teen and ends in a horrific, silent night.



*Cover design by Raphael Baker, Copyright 2011

Raphael Baker Photography and Video,

Copyright 2011 Christian Loriel Lucas.   All Rights Reserved. 

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